Our Story

Gifts  – an integral part of all Indian celebrations, customs, and rituals. Be it a marriage or a baby shower, gifts, whether for gifting or as return favors, are very basic to the core of celebrations. Understanding the importance that gifts and gifting items hold, Mrs. Tanya Arora, began her journey of Wrapping Studios in 2018. With her out-of-the-box entrepreneur approach and unparalleled creative skills, took Wrapping Studios to new heights with every passing day!

Like fashion, gifts also change every season! Just like any other trend, gifts and gifting items also keep changing with time and season. That is why, and that is how we began the venture of Wrapping Studio as a storehouse of scintillating products catering hand-poured candles, handmade soaps, and fragrances.

We started our journey by decorating many events with our hand-poured candles and also gained an appreciation for our handmade natural soaps. With more love and positive reviews from our clients. We started catering to international requests as well.

And, thus came our website into existence. It has been a wonderful year of gratitude love and trust that our customers placed in us. With their ardent request, we began our website, to showcase the different kinds of products and services available for you, all the collections, and the different categories and occasions we cater to. Also, owing to growing demand, we started customizing the products and hampers with an option of doorstep delivery.

After catering to our Indian clients successfully, we are now aiming to make the different arts for gifting popular genres internationally! And that is why we are also available on “goforWorldbusiness.com”.  To serve you better you can choose from our vast variety listed in our catalog where you can find our product description, material & photos which will provide detailing!

We wish to revolutionize the entire industry of gifting, wrapping, and designing hampers with our innovative styles! Wrapping Studios began as a simple indigenous creative venture for decorative wrapping. Today we can proudly say, that, with a dedicated team we have now evolved and become one of the best in decorative gifting and wrapping – globally!

We work very sincerely to satisfy our clients, and that is why we go beyond just business – we build relationships! Because we know, one satisfied client means more engaged clients! So come, take a tour of all our products and services, place your order and call us or mail us for any query or booking!